Béatrice Posner (b. 1993, Gothenburg, Sweden) is a photographer and an Art director with an international education and work experience whose photographic work mainly focuses on exploring the notion of humanity. By photographing people with different lifestyles and in diverse living conditions through natural light, she transforms an individual’s life into a vibrant and moving visual narrative. 
Her art direction aims to combine various creative mediums with commercial marketing to help brands to develop and to grow. 
Alumni at Middlesex University, London.
We Are Zanna magazine, Bristol, UK 2018
The South West Collective, Plymouth, UK 2018
Google Chrome, Google LLC 2018
Lupe Magazine, London 2018
Project & Artist feature, Wave Collective, UK 2018
Health Union, LLC, Philadelphia, US 2018
SciArt Magazine, Cambridge, UK 2019
Awards & scholarships
Cultural Award, Sweden 2014
Cultural Scholarship, Sweden 2015
Best Collective Award, Free Range, London 2018
MDX Photography Portrait Prize, London 2018

"Beneath", London 2017
PlanketGBG, Gothenburg 2017
A&E Collaboration exhibition, 2018
Art & Degree Show, London 2018
Free Range, London 2018
MDX Portrait Photography Prize exhibition, 2018
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